Nvidia 9600gt 1gb is not working with my pc

i have pentium d 930 3.oo ghz with p945 chipset motherboard asus p5ld2 deluxe i upgraded my video card from geforce 7300 gs to geforce 9600gt i have sceptre 23" lcd monitor using Vga cable with connector of DVI-I but its giving beep and saying no signal please help me i spent money on my card thanks
2 weeks ago
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hey guys thanks for reply but i have no sucess still after searching so much around .my power supply is atx 12V which is saying maximum output 500w and yes i did connect 6pin power cord with it. i tried to uninstall driver change even my window into 7 but still same when i put it inside system starts beeping and have no display.
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  1. Hi there, how many amps do you have on your 12v rail?
  2. you need a bigger powersply at lest 450wat
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