Lian Li PC-60FNWX vs PC-7FNWX


I'm close to completing a new gaming build and the case is all that's left. It'll have a Core i5-2500K and AMD HD6970 (will crossfire down the road). I'm going to buy from

I'm looking at and They are fairly expensive but I'm happy to splash on a good case and would see them last a few builds.

So I wanted to ask:

Has anyone experience with either of theses cases?

Will they be cool enough for my config?

What's the difference between them? I've only noticed the grill.

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  1. So am i right in thinking you live in Australia, if so then i would not buy either of those cases for a gaming rig, living in your ambient climate, i would go for the best air flow case money can buy, so either an Antec 1200 v3, Antec DF85, Coolermaster HAF X, Silverstone RV02 Raven 2 or even the beautiful Silverstone Fortress FT02B Gaming Case.
  2. I had been looking at the Silverstone RV02 Raven 2 but got the impression that it was a bit tight inside due to the 3 bottom fans. I also like the aesthetic of the Lian Lis more.

    I live in Sydney so it's milder than other parts of the country. I've moved from Dublin, Ireland recently and gotta say I've seen more rain here! :D

    Cooling was why I picked these two Lian Lis. I had thought with the extra top fan it would be fine.

    Sydney temps tend to rang from 0C (32F) - 40C (104F).

    Is it really a bad idea to be looking at these cases?
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    Yes, it's exactly the same case except for the grill. I own the pc-7fnw. It's excellent cooling. Aluminium also helps to dissipate heat. I have also replaced the top cover with a t-lm25b-1 which has 2 140mm fans on top just for the heck of it. Very beautiful and refined case unlike the cm haf cases which are rather gaudy.
    The silverstone raven 2 is a much bigger case compared to the lian li and do offer more interior space and superior cooling due to the 90 degrees mounted motherboard.

    You can choose any of these cases for your build. It doesn't really matter, as they are all top case manufacturers
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  5. Thanks for the input guys. I'll go for the PC-7FNWX and ensure I get the extra fan on top!
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