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Ok. So this is probably way too premature but I have little time to act. I am an expat yank living overseas. Someone is coming to visit me in a little over a week from the U.S. Where I am (Hungary) it will probably be months before Sandy Bridge gets here and it will be very overpriced. So I am tempted to get two parts now without knowing the specifics of the other parts. Specifically, the Sandy Bridge parts.

These are the two parts I was thinking of buying (without knowing the rest of the build):



I would like to make a high end gaming system to last a long time. So I went with what looks to be the best currently on offer.

Thoughts for the rest of the build:

1. I know little about overclocking but would be inclined to try it.
2. I would like to be able to have two video cards so SLI/Crossfire would be good
3. I would like a soundcard and optical drive, SSD for the boot and a large (1TB) normal drive and a good power source.
4. A full tower chassis is fine
5. For RAM, I was thinking at least 8 GB, but more like 12 to 16.

But my main question is, should I get those two parts now? Are they good/safe choices to end up with a very good machine? Is there anything in the "details" that may be a problem?

I'd like to order it in about 12 hours (depending on the feedback I get here). So any help is much appreciated. :)
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  1. It would not let me edit the previous post.

    I plan on using a 1920x1080 HDTV as my monitor (if that makes a difference) connecting it to this computer with an HDMI cable.
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