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HD 48xx driver 10.10 heat issues?


So I Updated my driver from 10.8 to 10.9 and noticed it ran ALOT hotter. When I running a game it would go over 108celcius at 100% fan speed and start to artifact, So I undervolted it and dropped both clocks by 20-30 mhz this made it around 95-99 under heavy load.

I lapped the gpu's sink and replaced the thermal pads with thermal paste and had it down to 80celcius under load.

I've now updated to 10.10 and find the temperature is even HIGHER, not having been underload yet it went up 8 celcius at idle. 100% fanspeed at 78-79 celcius

Has anyone else experienced this? or have any insight/advice?

I have not tried rolling back the drivers

EDIT: sheesh I just hit 101 celcius @ 50% fanspeed 0-4% activity, I was playing blackops last night at 90celcius slightly overclocked
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  1. Your idle clocks may been went up.(with the new driver).What are current your idle clocks?
  2. with my fan at 100% idle gpu temp 82celcius for the core and 95celcius for the memory

    core 750mhz mem 900mhz at 1237mv instead of the stock 1262mv

    edit: it was around 78 or so when freshly updated, but I had it under load recently, so it's slowly dropping still..
    currently at 80cclock 92c memory
  3. This is brutal I'm going back to 10.9 or even 10.8 blackops is stuttering the game is laggin bad on fps, and my ati manager is showing as low as 27% GPU usage

    no idea whats going on.. not to mention hitting 108 celcius with default settings within 15 minutes of playing and artifacting..

    edit: lol @ rollback 60celcius idle down from 80c... that's obnoxious

    it has become apparent that AMD no longer even looks at the 4870x2 since it's discontinued... (<-- assumption and bad mood comment)
  4. Have you tried Catalyst 10.10 as well ?
  5. Maziar said:
    Have you tried Catalyst 10.10 as well ?

    Yes, my post shows the changes from 10.8 to 10.9 to 10.10
    10.10 being the final straw and what the thread was about.... each update made my card hotter and hotter by a sizeable amount of degrees.

    I have currently rolled back from 10.10 and my card is now 20 celcius LESS than previously
  6. Why did you change drivers ? if its not broke dont fix it. First rule of computer software updating. Also in my experiance the drivers wont do much for a 4 series card by now anyway.

    Mactronix :)
  7. They upgrade because every game company tells you to keep your graphic cards up to date. Like Starcraft2, "update to blah blah blah to get AA support".
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    Having a stab in the dark here i will suggest that the latest drivers are geared towards the coolers on the newer cards which are better more efficient coolers and as such don't need to run as fast to keep the cards within an acceptable temp range which in turns means the cards are quieter.

    @ wikiwikiwhat
    Anyone who lets games companies or anyone else for that matter tell then when and what to upgrade to only have themselves to blame when things start going wrong. And im talking from experiance.

    Mactronix :)
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