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I am trying to achieve maximum CPU speed on my core i7-2600k by disabling some functions. I am intending this box to become a server so i dont need no speed throttling.

So far i have gone and disabled all C-States and Speedstep.

I do however have a question about "Turbo Boost". I figured that should be on ?

this is on a P867LE board.

anybody got any other tips?
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  1. Why are you wasting an i7-K on a server?

    If the system is going to be running 24/7, I would not disable any power saving features.
  2. how is that wasting an i7? servers are meant to have fast cpus.

    I am making this into a hypervisor (xenserver) so i need the virtual machines to get all the power possible without any throttling.
  3. woah there, you are talking crazy talk.
    a server means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Is this a home server? small business server? or an enterprise server?
    What OS do you intend to use? Win Home Server? Small Business Server? Some Linux distro?

    Let's assume for a moment that this is a home server. That means that you will have at most gigabit Ethernet in the house which has a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 120MB/s, and a practical limit somewhere around 110MB/s. Most Pentium 4 processors with a basic onboard RAID controller can saturate that kind of bandwidth very easily, you do not need an i7 for this type of application. If you have more than 2-3 concurrent users on a home system then I would upgrade to a Pentium D or Core2Duo with a duel ethernet card installed to handle that extra load.

    At any rate, disabling features in the Bios is not going to help you with power savings or overclocking. Keep all the power saving states active so that you are not running full tilt 24/7. The power will be there when you need it, and then let the poor thing rest when it can. If you are really desperate for that kind of processing power then you need to get off of home use hardware and look into a duel Xeon setup.
  4. CaedenV; Xenserver or esxi...
    the reason i wanted it full throttle is beacause of the virtual machines. i didnt want no speedstep or C-states to bring down the cpu power. remember that these are virtual machines... the vm might be getting a translation of the CPU and not seeing the real thing; for example under xenserver i have windows 7 installed. if i launch CPUz it reports a plain Pentium cpu although under specs it does list it as a core i-7 and under core speed it shows 3400mhz.

    still though i think you have a good point. i'll re-enable the C-states but i probably will leave the speedstep turned off.
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