@bios, total noob, please help

Hi, I need to update my bios. I have a gigabyte 990fx ud3 rev1.1
Gigabyte is telling me to download the 64 bit version of @bios from their site.
Problem is, I can only find one version of the program. It says it's compatible with both 32 and 64 bit systems.
Is that all I need? Was my tech support rep just being overly specific, or is there a specifically 64 bit version that I'm just not finding?
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    First of all, what is it that you are trying to accomplish with the BIOS upgrade?

    Secondly, if the manufacturer says it works for your stats then it does. It is much more likely for the CSR not to know what they are talking about than the website not to know what it is talking about.

    If you selected your exact version of the motherboard, OS, and all that stuff and it says it works for both then just use it.

    It sounds like they were being overly specific. Probably because it matters in a lot of cases, just not in yours.

    Just verify accuracy of all the specifics and download the thing it says.
  2. I've got an 8150, so the update is for both stability and steam playability. I was on f4, which is wonky and has some sort of problem with some Steam based games. Which is no good at all for a Total War junkie. To be clear, Im a noob at pc maintenance, not use. I've got a tech-head friend who usually takes care of these things for me, but I decided not to bother him for once. Anyway, I was going to wait for a final f6, but Gigabyte tech support told me to go ahead and upgrade to f6e.

    I've actually just figured it out; was coming back to ask someone to kill the thread when I saw your reply. I just got caught up on the exact choice of words that my tech support rep used.

    I had never messed with bios before. Was pleased to find that everything was easy and went smoothly.
    Running f6e with no hitches. Yet.

    Thanks for your attention though, Raiddinn.
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  4. Glad things went smoothly for you.
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