Crossfire AMD vs INTEL

Ok guys here’s my dilemma
# 1 I am a perfectionist when it comes to system building.
#2 I can’t figure out why my system is not benchmarking as high as it theoretically should…
Here is my current build:
932 Master HAF – (I really like RED)
AMD 1090T OC’D 3.8
Corsair H50 Water Cooler
8 GB GSkill 1600
Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5
2 Diamond AMD 6870
1 TB WD 7200 SATA II
Steel Series Ikari Mouse
Logitech G15 Keyboard
Asus 27" LCD -LED backlit

Current 3DMark06 Score 20103 (Default Settings)
My problem with this is I get 19866 with only one card!!! I didn’t pay $260 for 237 points…
WHAT am I doing wrong!!! I know that the 6870 are great cards I’ve read all the reviews and the benchmarks… does having an i7 REALLY make the MUCH of a difference? And if it does can someone please explain to me how i7s increase the performance of crossfire/SLI so much? Because I really don’t get it…
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  1. Hey, AMDs 6-core CPUs are not fake hexcore CPUs as it's a CPU die with 6 cores. You could argue that Core 2 Quads are not true quads, because they are really just two dual core dies tapped together, but that didn't matter because performance was still good :D.

    Anyway, with an older benchmark like 06 your going to be CPU limited with two such powerful cards at the default settings. If you actually care about synthetic benchmarks, because you didn't build your system to actually play games apparently, then you should have gone with a more capable i7 build.

    6-core AMD CPUs only make sense in a few scenarios such as heavily threaded application or heavy multi tasking. For gaming, a cheaper Phenom II X 4 or an Intel Setup make more sense.
  2. The perfectionist comment was more of a joke/unfortunate reality than anything else…
    All I guess I really wanted to know is what is the specific technical difference between a i7 and the 1090T that allows it to preform so much better with Crossfire and/or SLI?... Getting benchmarks in the mid-20,000s
  3. Sorry but really who gives a toss what numbers you get in some stupid synthetic benchmark test ?
    What does your system game like ? Real world performance is what matters.

    Mactronix :)
  4. yea. crank up a game with one card then again max settings in crossfire if you can see a performance increase then good invesment imo
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