Need cpu,memory ram, motherboard SANDY BRIDGE based


Right now I got

700 watts OCZ technology 85% efficiency stealth x stream
320gb Hard Drive
Dvd drive
Haf 932 case
570 gtx EVGA

For the processor, it's gona be clearly the Core i5 2500k:

For motherboard I have no clue...Im searching for a USB 3.0 Sata III(6gb) and that has only 1 PCI EXPRESS 2.0 slot(it can have 2...but the price has to me similar), I'm the type of guy that likes to have only 1 powerfull videocard...these are the options I got at the moment:



For memory ram what about this:

Well thanks in advance and cheers!
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  1. He says he wants it to be cheap
  2. Well I can actually consider to have two PCI EXPRESS 2.0 x16 lanes, might get a dedicated graphics card for physx 9800 gt still good for it or I should go get a 220 gts or so?

    Now which motherboard with a max price of $150 including shipping?
  3. If you want to use the 2500K, you NEED to get a P67 chipset motherboard. The best/cheapest option is the one that JackNaylor included, the P8P67 Pro. H67 motherboards CANNOT overclock the 2500K, and only run RAM at 1333 speed. If you can't stomach the budget there, you're going to have to look into an AMD build or maybe even an i5-750 build.

    If you want additional help, I suggest filling out this form and editing your first post:
  4. Op doesn't need multiple x16 slots, so this $130 GA would be fine.

    Ga p67-UD3 $130

    Also combo's w/ CPU for $335
  5. Sorry, the gigabyte P67-UD3 would be fine if you have no need for a 2nd lane.
  6. There is a nice review/comparison of P67 mbs on THG home page, FYI...
  7. good mobo+CPU combo

    the difference between the sets is that the more expensive mushkin runs at Cas 7 which basically means it's more efficient buy the cheaper one the memory latency doesn't matter very much for overclocking SB moderately
  8. Ok, Im planning to overclock the 2500k at a max of 4.00 Ghz

    Also about the the stock a good one for 4.00 Ghz?

    I got a heatisnk that fits 775,am2,am3,1366 sockets...will it fit the 1155 socket?

    Is the all popular Hyper 212 still good?

    It says it fits a 1155 but I'm wondering if the 1155 needs a specific retention plate...
  9. Don't bother buying a heatsink the stock will do fine 4 ghz max should be easily attainable, not sure what heatsink you have but you can just buy a 1156 conversion plate (1155 and 1156 mount the same way)
  10. The hyper 212+ is a great cooler and will fit without extra accesories, might want to pick up some TIM if going with stock to lower temps about 5 degrees C this is the best TIM right now
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