AMD Announces Radeon HD 6900 Series of Video Cards - 6850, 6970, 6990

AMD held their financial analyst day yesterday and when we were going through the slides we noticed that they have officially announced that the Radeon HD 6900 series of video cards does exist. From what we can gather on the internet, AMD plans to launch the Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 together on November 29th.


Keep tunned for more news and info.

The war is on the way ;)

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  1. Whoops, after reading it, its still speculated
  2. The GTX 580 started in the same way and was release yesterday, November 9th like the rumors said.
  3. Oh, its possible
    Itll be sometime in November, that we know
    Ive heard the announcement may come tomorrow too
    or this week
  4. Yea i have read that it would be interesting and certainly not something I considered as a possibility. I assume that would mean 6 schedulers and thus more ways of running differing thru put ? The 5 wide arangement was always under utilised right from the start and while each series has improved and tweaked it a new aproach like this could drastically improve performance numbers.

    Mactronix :)
  5. Let me check with someone of XS.
  6. I dont speak/read chinese

    @ mac, exactly, IF its true
    They did say 3x tess perf, vs 2x seen on Barts, maybe thats it?
  7. Here are more news:
  8. Is it just me or does anyone else find this totally ridiculous ? This is on a par with Starbucks saying you cant have a coffee as they have run out of milk.

    "Oi steve we need more mofsets on line one"
    "Ok just a minuite i'll go get some"
    "Hey bert guess what"
    "No guess go on youll love this one"
    "Stop mucking about steve they will run out soon if we dont get those Mofsets on to the line"
    "Thats just it bert that pillock jenkins forgot to order them"

    I mean come on they started a run of production without the bits to actually build the cards in stock ?

    Mactronix :)
  9. The real story will come
    Im thinking ATI wants to hit a home run here, and to tune the cards just so for launch, but, it could be Berts fault
  10. Well that is what it stinks of JD.
    ATI/AMD have always seemed to have performance there to tap with driver updates. The idea that they are pulling a driver update forward after what they have seen from the 580 will only get Nvidia doing likewise and trying to wring as much performance as they can out of the 580 before the AMD cards hit.
    Let the driver wars begin.

    Mactronix :)
  11. True, but ATI has the advantage here, on a new arch
  12. I can confirm too that the HD 6900s are now officially delayed. For the detail, 1h prior to the GTX 580 launch, AMD called to reaffirm us that the launch would go as expected on the 22nd and to give us a date for the press samples. Glad to see that 48h after they suddenly realize that the HD 5800 are selling well and that the HD 5970 is faster than a board they didn’t expect to see on the market when they planned the Nov 22nd launch…
    So, it appears as we thought

    also this

    So no new bios/clock changes, if anythings done, itll be in drivers
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