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I got a Radeon HD 6870 and wants to connect 4 displays but how? if I connect my 2 dvi outputs and my 2 mini displayports outputs to dvi using an adapter I only get 2 displays instead of 4.... can I sholve this by using Active displayport adapters or do I need a DP1.2 MST hub which doesn't seem to be out on the market yet? How can I make this work?

Please help :-)
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  1. Guess nobody knows :-)
  2. So first quest, are your Mini Display port adapters active or passive, if they are passive, it won't work, check this thread

    I did crossfire on my5770 with a cheap active DP to VGA adapter. I did this because active DVI adapter were way too expensive. AMD was working with manufacturers to get cheap ones available on the market.

    I am also looking forward to the release of a DP1.2 MST Hub,(I just purchased the 6850). That is how I found your post.

    If your adapters are active, then all you should have to do is create a display group, but all monitors should be showing up on on catalyst under desktop and displays.
  3. Thx great help :-) do you know when th DP1.2 Mst Hub is released?
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