Can I match 2 difference brands of RAM together?

On black friday I bought a set of 2x4GB ram from corsair on discount, the day after G.Skill had their ram on sale and I thought maybe I should upgrade my old computer little bit before I give it to my parents. Foolish me thought all the ram slots are the same and my motherboard would only run it at a slower speed, but it turns out the slot is different and it won't fit. So now I'm stuck with these 2 sets of RAM and I was wondering if its possible to use them together in my new pc. The only difference is the timing, the gskill timing is 9-9-9-24-2N while the corsair ram is 9-9-9-24. Can some one please enlighten me if it possible to use them together? Thanks.

Here are the Memory I bought:
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  1. You should be ok, since the specs are almost identical.
  2. Should be fine memory works tother as long as they run at same speed in ur case 1600mhz
  3. 2N is sort of a default option and a lot of makers don't say 2N when something is 2N for that reason.

    Both should be 2N.

    As long as both are on the QVL for your motherboard, you should be fine.
  4. +1 to all above. It will work, no reason it shouldnt (assuming product isn't defective).
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