2x GTX 470's question

hey guys. i have a weird question that i've not found an answer for just yet.
I'm building a new gaming rig. in this rig is of course 2 palit gtx 470. Now here's the question(s)

with the 2 cards installed without SLI, How many Display will be useable?

with the 2 cards installed with SLI, how many displays are useable/possible?

and would there be a descent card to run as a PPU? or will i even need it?

Thanks Guys.
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  1. Hi,

    You will be able to use 2 only without SLI and with SLI you are able to use 3+.
    You do not need PPU since alot of games don't even use it.

  2. ahh ok.. i was backwards on my thinking. thanks
    also, in SLI what display connections are useable?
    is it just certian one be default or am i able to select which i will be using?
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