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Will a pci to sata work with an optical drive?

i only have 8 sata ports and i will be using

-2 1TB sata2 drives (raid)
-2 300GB sata2 velocirapter (raid)
-1 128GB sata3 SSD
- 1 2TB sata3 HDD
-1 sata blu ray player
-1 normal sata optical drive

and my MOBO already has a top quality raid controller built in

what do i do

i need the extra sata3 port to add a future SSD when they are cheaper so i could get a 500GB second one
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    Yes, a PCI SATA card will work for any SATA device. And you are right to plan that for a slower device like an optical drive, keeping the SSD's on mobo SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports.

    ONE small thing to be aware of, though. SOME motherboards and SATA adapter cards can work together so that the added PCI card can "add" its extra BIOS to the normal BIOS on the mobo and allow the system to boot from a SATA device attached to that card in the PCI bus. Some cannot. So it is POSSIBLE that an optical unit connected to a SATA card in a PCI bus may NOT be available as a boot device. It still will work just fine for all other needs.
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