GA-X58A-UD3R MB help!

So about 3 months ago I built:

CPU - i7 920
RAM - 3X2 6gigs of DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
GPU - 2 ATI 5770
HD - Seagate 1tb 720 RPM??? ehh

I'm new to all this, but I have been taking my time with this build. Here is what happened it had been working fine and dandy for about 3 months then today my LAN is gone i go to the BIOS and its there but under my device manager it is no where to be found. So then i think hmm BIOS up date or LAN driver update... I take out my second 5770 to look at my MB model then i pop it back in and fire it up... :(

All the fans spin, I dont have a case speaker so to my knowledge it didnt beep. The CPU fan spins the two graphics cards start spinning The Phase LEDs read GREEN GREEN ORANGE ORANGE and the NB phase LEDs read ORANGE GREEN ORANGE GREEN...

I have tried everything in my book to get this to work. clearing the CMOS - nope taking it down to just the one stick of ram and one graphics card nope...

Some one please help me!
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  1. A speaker would help

    Check the video card if it's seated correctly. Then try with only one stick of RAM.
  2. Never reseat cards without completely removing power from PSU....

    Perhaps your mb can be returned under warranty, they are not cheap.....
  3. Best answer
    Cheaper: $2.00

    Internal PC Mini Speaker

    "New build won't boot" checklist


    Build outside the case with power, beeper, cpu and mobo. Listen for beeps. Keep adding components and listen for beeps.
  4. Alright thanks for he help guys, I dont have a speaker yet but I do have the old speaker hook up so I striped the wires and attached it to my old 8ohm 10" guitar amp. Would that work? If so ill run through the trouble shooter above.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. No luck, yet. no beeps coming out of the amp. Working on anti static workstation...
  6. Remove both gpus, it should then at least beep a code reflecting that it can't find a video adapter....(signs of life, the absense of which indicate a potential issue)

    You might need to look up these green/orange phase /voltage regulator conditions, orange LEDs do not sound 'good'....; that they are presumably new conditions indicates MB or PSU problems to me....
  7. I did that and no beeps im gonna bring it to Micro Center tomorrow and have them check out the MB and the PSU.
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