Machine check exception after installing new video card

I am going bananas trying to figure out how to fix a machine check exception error and would greatly appreciate some advice. The following is an outline of my problem.

I have a 7950 gx2 card that is going bad. I uninstalled the old drivers and attempted to connect a 250 gts card into the pci express slot on my motherboard. Upon reboot, after the windows load but before login I get a machine_check_exception error.

The error has technical data listed as: 0x0000009C (0x00000000, 0xF7723050, 0xB2000040, 0x00000800).

I can plug the 7950 gx2 back in and login (but with lots of artifacts). I tried to put in a loaner ati hd 5570 card and got the same error.

Here is the system I am working with:

p5n32 sli se deluxe motherboard
2 gigs of memory
windows xp 32bit
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  1. Looking at M$'s support site, two causes of this error can be thermal issues (CPU overheating) or issues with RAM. So, make sure the CPU fan is working correctly and is seated properly, and you can try rotating memory or running Memtest86+ to see if the RAM is okay. (Memtest runs before Windows starts, so you needn't worry about that issue)
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