Packard Bell Argo C2 overheating

Im running windows 7 ultimate on my 34 bit Argo C2 model. Recently it's been reaching temperatures
of up to 101 degrees C and shutting down. I'm using a laptop cooler (3 fans) and a StarTech usb
fan that sucks the air out but it's still overheating (I use Core Temp to moniter temp). Generally it only
shuts down at high temp when watching TV Catchup or playing Big Fish games, nothing else but
should it be overheating with the fans Im using, the internal fan is clean.
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  1. How long have you had it?

    Have you opened any bays (the easily opened bays on the bottom side that house the CPU/RAM/HD/etc, assuming that has them) and blown out the dust?

    This is CPU temperature we're speaking of I'm assuming?

    It sounds more like the heat sink could have come loose or you have zero airflow from dust buildup. 100C is a hard temperature to reach with proper airflow and a properly seated heat sink.
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