4 gb ram runs fine, 8 gb crashes immediately

warning - i understand a little of this, im not computer stupid but ive never ventured into bios stuff before.
i have 2 4gb sticks of Corsair Vengeance ram (tested both seperately with memtest, they're fine)
amd athelon II x4 630
mobo's Asus m4n68t-m
running windows 7 64 bit

i have one stick of ram in there now and this thing runs with no issues. when i put the other one in it will bsod as soon as windows starts. i've heard i need to adjust timing and voltage and what not but im not QUITE sure exactly what i need to do.
i know where the adjustments are in the bios setup, but what setting am i really screwing with and does anyone have a suggestion on what settings i should start with?

if you need any more info please let me know, ill do all i can to get this thing running perfectly, what with old republic right around the corner, heh
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  1. I'm not sure why you would have to adjust the timings to get both sticks to work. Can you list the spec's of the ram , model , speed and the timings.
  2. the ram is Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4gb
    model CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B
    (the sticker on the back lists this...)
    1.50 V
  3. The motherboard you have only has two ram slots and the maximum amount of ram you can install is 8gb so you are right at the limit. I just looked at the QVL for that MB and the ram you bought is not on it and most of the ram that is on it is 1.65v. You may have to make some changes in the bios.
  4. http://www.memtest.org/#downiso

    Burn this to CD, and power off the system. Install the possible bad stick, and boot from this CD. Let it run. If it comes up with many errors, then the RAM is bad.
  5. In the bios where you make changes to the ram there should be an option you can choose called XMP. You want to enable the XMP profile and that may help you to get the ram to work. If you can't find it look in the owners manual for your motherboard and it will tell you where you can find it and how to enable it.
  6. are they actually running at 1600MHz? the memory controller on your CPU is actually only only 1333MHz. it will probably run at 1600 but the CPU-NB usually needs a small voltage boost. although mine never quite made it to 1600 stable
  7. If you have the Extreme tweaker tab in the bios then that is where you want to be making the change. If you see where the option for 'Memory level up" is the selection that you want and you should see the XMP profile you want to select it in order to enable it.
  8. sadly, i see no extreme tweaker or XMP options in bios.
    and i have no clue what it's running at, i really am new at this, i have cpu-z installed if you tell me what i should be lookin at i can tell ya.
    and how much of a boost am i lookin at? gimme a number and ill give it a try.
  9. also im not above saying screw it an getting a new mobo if that'll fix this. dude who sold me the pc said it was a 50 dollar budget board that he threw in. dy'a think that might do the trick? also if it would, (and this might be a newb question, admittedly) i am able to take the cpu off and just plop it on the new one provided it's the same socket, right? case i have the cash for a new mobo, but a cpu would have to wait
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