What should i do - 220w psu micro axt rig

Okay, I've got a few questions and I need opinions on what I should do. I just need a computer to run a few games and last a few years as I don't have alot of money to throw into it as of right now. Now... On to the questions.

I just bought an Emachines EL1352, I know cheap computer but I've had 2 Emachines in the past and they have both worked great for what I payed for them.



Now, I put in a Geforce 210, problem is the psu is only 220W and a 14a +12V rail. It runs everything just fine though, I've been running Aion on near max at 25-60 fps everywhere I go, runs like a beast. Question is the card heats up to 65C full load(as high as I've seen it so far) Nvidia says the gpu can max out at 105C, but I dunno..

The case itself cramps the card but it seems to be doing fine, I've ran it for days now with the game running and nothing remotely bad or even and signs of anything bad has happened, but I still wonder about this psu and its death.

Any recommendations and opinions would make me grateful as of right now I am at a loss of what I should do, replace case and new psu, or leave it be and see what happens. the difference is a cost range of 150$, but is it worth it to wait and see what happens?

EDIT: the psu itself does not give off any heat at all even after running full load all day, so i don't even know if it having trouble.
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  1. In all honesty I'm an if it aint broke don't fix it kind of guy, but your investment could go up in smoke if you don't get a larger powersupply/ more airflow in the case. The main issue with a video card like this is having enough power to run the cooler fan/fans along with all the system components. Can you list what else you have in the computer. My concern for your system is the fan will stop running and your card will overheat and freeze. simple asnwer would be to find a higher wattage micro atx powersupply and see if you can find space for another venting fan to cool the inside of the case. a 450w micro atx power supply should run you like 50-75 bucks or so, but it's worth it for peace of mind and to protect your investment.
  2. the issue i have with upgrading the psu is it is a micro itx psu, i would need a new mid tower case to fit the micro atx motherboard and then throw in a regular atx psu.

    this is the psu:


    aside from that the rest of the specs are:

    windows 7 64-bit

    AMD Anthlon II X2 220 2.8ghz dual core

    the motherboard is an emachines EL1352

    4gigs kingston memory ddr3 1333 running 535mhz dual channel 7-7-7-20-27

    dvd-rw and memory card slots on the front

    i agree on don't fix what isn't broke, but my friend told me that my psu is going to burn out on me within weeks(i doubt it but it does raise concern) my previous computer was an older emachines from 2005 and I had 2 gigs ddr2 and an x1650 pro and the little 300w psu didn't complain at all. so it's lead me to believe the psu's in emachines aren't top quality but they are built to last, also this 220w psu is 80+ certified so it does lower my concern a little bit.

    the only issue i've had is that flash player videos on websites tend to tear when fullscreen, but i've read up that it has something to do with flash player and microsoft silverlight so i don't think it's a hardware problem.
  3. Hey was wondering how your computer was holding up since I have the same machine, also play Aion and have been wanting to add a PCI E card.

    I was trying to find a psu that would fit in the slim tower but have not had much luck and as you know most of the cards that you find have around a 400w req. =(
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