Need opinions on this upgrade (cpu, mobo, gpu, ram)

Hey guys,

I am planning on upgrading my current desktop (an old LGA 775 system) with the following items:
Graphics Card:
RAM Kit:

With the x6 CPU my total comes to $621AUD which is $21 more than I would like to pay, however I will stretch if I have to.

I know the Sandy Bridge architecture has just been released but it will be really expensive in Australia and have very little effect on much of the market. I also know that AMD is planning on releasing AM3+ later this year but I give the same reasons as the SB.

I would prefer to buy from Australia and MSY Computers is the cheapest computer retailer I have come across in Australia. Other places I will consider (if they for some reason have better prices) are:

That said, I am open to purchasing from any retailer in the world so long as their total cost in AUD+shipping is lower than buying locally.

Now that that is out of the way, my query for today:
Is this 'upgrade' worth what I am going to pay for it or is it really worth waiting?
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  1. Wht CPU do you have now? For gaming and whatnot the 955 is very good, you don't need that X6. There's also
    check their prices too
    What PSU do you have?
  2. No need to start a new topic... You already have one open. Just post on that old topic.
  3. X6 is pointless - hardly any software makes use of 4 cores let alone 6 - and to be honest that CPU is struggling to keep up with Intel's quad core offerings.
  4. I think I have a 500W PSU.
    Thanks for the x6 vs x4 comment, I was wondering about that. Still, AMD tends to be cheaper than Intel which is why I am looking at them. The Intel Core i5 series all seem to cost more than $200, thus breaking my budget.
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