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9800m vs gtx 260 for the gateway laptops

going to buy the gateway 7815uFX laptop soon. the screen resolution on this model is not as high as earlier models were and the graphics gpu is a 9800 and not the 260 that all the reviews say is a better chip. should i look at finding an older model with these features or is the newer model going to do well enough. i am a huge gamer and will be using this for a long time to come. going to buy from circuit city. any advice will be helpful thanx. Nvidia rules the Gaming World!!!
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    GTX 260M performs significantly faster than a 9800MGTS,so definitely go for it.
  2. thanx Maziar for the info. this laptop is only 699us at 3 retailers and circuit city does not exist in my state (Texas) so i wont have to pay any tax. ebay is selling the 1920X1200 version with the gtx 260m for 300 to 400 more. is the extra cost really worth that? also considering the warranty coverage. new vs used seems like a no brainer. is there any other systems i should consider that may be a better purchase for me. the last time i purchased a laptop new was 2005 from best buy and it had ati 64mb video memory which allowed oblivion to be played at low medium settings. want to play games like crysis and dawn of war 2 starcraft 2 call of duty black ops GRAW 2 and 1 halo 2 and World of warcraft to name a few. any suggestions?
  3. For $300 its worth it IMO,because like i said GTX 260M is notably faster.
    Within your price range,you can find few notebooks with powerful VGAs.(Like HD 5650M which is slower than 260M)
  4. how about the asus g72gx it has 6gb ddr2 2 hdd bays and does have the gtx 260m do you know if tektronics is a reputable retailer? ebay buy it now 799.00 seems reasonable but never bought used. 1 year warranty included with machine. also this one will let me overclock the cpu comes with core duo 2.53mhz and backlit keyboard seems cool. what do you think?
  5. oh forgot the screen is 17.3 and res is 1600x900 should be ample enough
  6. G72x is also good(have an out-dated CPU though,but if your main purpose is gaming,then you'll be fine).
    And unfortunately I haven't heard about tektronics
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