Powersupply work with this graphics card?

Ive been looking all over for a psu that actuallys fits my system and no luck since im slim-line but my friend says he probally know where to get one i currently want::

Will this run on my 250W it says a Minimum 300w but some people says not that much is always needed

Integrated video card/Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nForce 430
AMD Sempron(tm)proccesor 3600+
250w Power Supply
3GB Ram
Computer:Inspiron 531s

Simply,i know this computer inside made for gaming etc , but when i bought this computer i wasn't the guy who'd check the specs etc more like the person who know nothing about computers atm and judging by the looks LOL.

So will this run with my [[250w(Says 300W or greater system power supply)(with a minimum 12V current rating of 22A)]]
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  1. Your current power supply, provided if it can output a full 250 watts, is actually enough.. You won't need to upgrade it in that case..
  2. A reference clocked GeForce GT 430 has a Maximum Graphics Card Power of 49 Watts so it is able to draw all of its power through the PCI Express slot. That would be a maximum draw of 4.1 Amps from the +12 Volt rail.

    The 250 Watt power supply in the Dell Inspiron 531 has a maximum DC Output rating of 17 Amps on its +12 Volt rail.

    Assuming the 250 Watt power supply is actually able to deliver up to 17 Amps on its +12 Volt rail you should be able to run that GeForce GT 430 in your current system without having to upgrade the power supply unit.
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