1st gaming build plz help

Hey guys..
I am rebuilding my a PC and it is for d 1st time m doing it myself..Really want the help of u guys..

This is what I have decided..

CPU-AMD Athlon II X3 445


RAM-Corsair DDR-III Memory 4GB [2 x 2 GB] 1333Mhz

Graphics Card-ATI Radeon HD 5770 512MB (please sugest a good vendor in India)

Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB

My main purpose is gaming(GTA IV,Prince of Pers,COD,Crysis,NFS Shift Assassins Creed)web browsing and movies
Will i get playable FPS
Since m a 10th student so budget is very tight
Thanx in advance 4 ur help
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  1. ^ The build looks good, but what Power supply will you be using ? It is very important that you dont go for a low quality PSU as you will be using a discrete card like HD 5770,...

    HD 5770 Manufacturers - XFX, Sapphire, MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, Powercolor are all good and available in India, so get the one that is cheaper and has good warranty,...
  2. that's what my problem is..
    I have a 450W Tricom PSU0
    And a new PSU of 500W will cost around 2500+which wil take me ou of budge..
  3. ^ I am not sure how good is that PSU, never heard of it,...
    I again stress the fact that for a PC with a discrete card, you should have a good quality PSU, else it would result in these -
    - bad 3D performance
    - crashing games
    - spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    - freezing during gameplay
    - PSU overload can cause it to break down

    So spending so much on other parts and skimping on the main part that drives the PC will not be a logical thing to do,...

    You could do this - Drop to a single 2GB RAM stick for now, then get a GTS 450, it is also a very good graphics card, so with the money saved, get a better PSU
  4. If it will not run may I go for a 5670 as i wil be gaming at 1024XXX OR 1280XX will i will get 25+ fps in those games..
    Plz suggest a vendor
  5. ^ Yes, for that resolution, the 5670 would be a very good option, and should offer easy 25+ FPS in nearly all the games out there,...
    Any vendor that I suggested before for the 5770,...
  6. and wht bout The Athlon II X3 445 N PLZ SUGGEST A MOB6
  7. I mean MOBO
  8. The motherboards that you've selected will support the Athlon II x3 445.
  9. which 1 wil be better..
  10. ^ Yes like he said, the above boards will support the X3,...
    If you want to save some money, then see if you are getting ASRock or Biostar boards, they are also decent boards and should do fine for your usage,... Get either the AMD 770 or 785G or 880G chipset boards, which ever are cheaper,...
  11. I just want to know bout the brand quality of MSI which sum say is vry bad..else 785GM-E65 is an awesome board
  12. MSI is good, but I would prefer GIGABYTE, its just my opinion by the way.
  13. Another vry imp q..
    Which 5670 512 MB comes with a DVI to VGA Adapter coz i am using a Crt LG 700E SXGA which I think it will need one..
  14. ^^ Why do you need a adapter ? I have seen many 5670s with VGA port,... So see for yourself and get one with the VGA port,...
  15. Yeah, while buying a PC its important to have a look at what you're buying.
  16. thanx
    Wondering if 2GB RAM will be enough heard sum1 sum whr saying dat hardy 4GB is used
  17. If you get 4 GB RAM with a 64 bit OS, the multitasking experience is much better.And GTA IV uses TONS of memory.
  18. ^ +1, if you have extra cash left, then get 2x 2GB kit, will be helpful overall,...
  19. Ya..ill b going for 4GB I thing Corsair wil b gud,or shall i go 4 Kingston or Trancend sry 4 asking silly questions but m vry new n really need ur help..
  20. And also plz tell me dat will a Athlon II X4 make a big difference in those games
  21. no there will be a slight difference in games and u can also unlock the core of x3
    well since u r from india u can refer deltapage and theitdepot for prices and choosing good vendors depends upon your location

    It depends on what u choose but i recommend
  22. Corsair is good, just get the 1 that is cheaper,...
    X3 is the best option if the PC will be mainly used for gaming
  23. ^I also thouth d same...
    Can any 1 of d mobos I listed will unlock k d 4th core if it is der..
  24. ^^^ is dat site reliable u see online buying is not dat gud n reliable here..It will b gr8 if u can tell me from whr i can buy these parts in Delhi..
  25. ^ Check this site - techenclave.com, they have a good indian forum and will provide good info,...
    Search in google, a quick search gave me Nehru Place,...
  26. so that mobo won't unlock d 4th potential core..
  27. GTA IV is far better off with 4+ cores so the X3 will choke a little (my Q6600 struggles at stock, overclocked to 3.5ghz sees it playable.. just), and seriously AVOID MSI THERE PURE RUBBISH
  28. ^ but dat's my fav game,
    Does this mean that I will have to go 4 an Athlon II X4..
    Is it available in India
  29. Will d GTS 450 work with my PSU
    Is it better dan HD5670
    Does it has a VGA port
    Plz sort out
  30. Can't upgrade d PSU nothing goes less dan 3500 for even 450W well named so I only have 2 confusions now
    Athlon II X3 or X4
    Nvidia GTS 450 or ATI Radeon HD 5670
    I think GTS 450 Dose't come with 512 MB and a VGA Port so plz help it's my last querry
  31. ^ There are good PSUs for ~ Rs.2500
    Even this would do, though not one of the best, but better than other cheapo PSUs

    GTS 450 is faster than the 5670, but for your resolution, the 5670 would suffice,... As for the CPU, if the X4 is not much costlier, then get that, but it would be advantageous just for very few games,...
  32. Listen Amit if you're thinking of getting a new PC just to play GTA IV, forget about it. Even the highest end systems struggle to play GTA IV smoothly.With the money you have, you can get a PC that can play it at medium settings at the most, but you'll be able to play almost all other games at that resolution with the maximum settings. If you can, get the Athlon II X4, as its priced just a couple of hundred rupees above the X3. That way, you'll have better multitasking.Unlocking the 4th core is not certain, therefore its of no worth getting the CPU hoping to unlock the 4th core.

    I believe that you have most of your queries have been dealt with, so just finalize your build, pick a best answer and close the topic.
  33. Guys really thanx just one more thing HD 5670 1GB or 512MB else I am done
    This is d last thing n plz tell me if d athlon II X4 available here or not I dind't saw it on any site
    I understood d GTA IV thing
  34. 512 MB or 1 GB on a card like the HD 5670 does not matter, but GTA IV does favor cards that have more Video memory. And yes, Athlon II x4s re indeed available in India.
  35. ^ +1 for what Tamz said about the GTA IV, and get the 1GB version if it is not much costlier, also the X4s are available in India,
  36. Thanx a lot guys
    Here are my final configs

    CPU-AMD Athlon II X4 640


    RAM-Corsair DDR-III Memory 4GB Kit [ 2 x 2 GB ] - Model TW3X4G-1333C9DHX

    Graphics Card-Sapphire HD 5670 1GB GDDR5

    Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 320GB
    I hope it will fulfill my needs for 3 yrs
    Thanx a lot guys Tomz hardware rocks
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