How can i force windows 7 to identify a second monitor

I have a Dell Inspirion 570 with a 23"(dia) VGA monitor. I have connected, using the TRITON SEE2 Xtreme External DVI/VGA Video Card, a second monitor at 15" (dia), by Sony[salvaged from a VIAO tower CPU] to this Dell 570.
Both monitors boot. I can position the Sony on either side of the Dell. I can move email and files back and forth. And, I can work on either or both screens. The problems are: 1.) 'Personalization' in the Control Panel will not 'Detect' and 'identify' the Sony monitor. 2.) the screen resolution on the smaller Sony monitor is magnified to the level necessary for the larger Dell monitor.
3.) The Triton, however, identifies the Sony monitor as #3 for position purposes.
As far as attempted remedies are concerned:
1.) the bundled ATI Catalyst Control Center only assisted with identifying and inatializing the Dell monitor.
2.) Geek Squad of no help.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Hi Egbar,

    1. Make sure both monitors are connected and turned on.

    2. Right click the Desktop and select Screen Resolution.

    3.Check to see if both monitors are shown at the top of that dialog. If they are not both visible, this it indicates a physical connection problem.

    4.If they are both visible, and the Extend these Displays button is visible, select that button.

    5. If it shows Monitor 1 on the right side and Monitor 2 on the left side, position the cursor over Monitor 1 and drag it to the left side.

    6. Now Click the Identify button.

    Windows Outreach Team - ITPro
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