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Until recently, my PC began freezing. First my secondary HDD went. It began to fail (I still use it though). Then the computer began to freeze when playing games of watching videos.
Soon after, my computer would boot but not display anything. I am sure the bios was not running either because I was not able to turn the computer off as soon as I turned it on which is what I am usually able to do under normal circumstances. I also sometimes get a "Display Adapter Error" beep code. After about 25 tries, the computer boots. So, my three conclusions are GPU failure, MOBO failure, or hopefully power supply. Power supply is an issue because I have an 185WATT. My specs require at least 400WATT. I don't know how I was able to run my Computer with such a low one. So tell me what you think I should do.
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  1. Your best bet is to take your PC to somebody who can temporarily replace suspicious parts in order to figure out which ones have died.
  2. I second that, have them add one piece of hardware at a time until you find the problems, and get a better power supply!
  3. and don't forget to backup whatever you have on that HDD. Before it's too late.
  4. No matter what you need a new power supply so buy that first and see if it solves your problems.
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