Are 15" cheaper than 17" laptops in general?

If it is even possible to make such a generalization...?
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  1. In the most generic sense, the actual answer is YES, 15 inch notebooks/laptops generally cost less than 17 inch notebooks/laptops.

    Go to or or even and you can compare prices and see that this is typically true.

    Given this, what are your concerns or questions? Good luck!
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    The company I work at is gonna be buying laptops as autodesk inventor workstations, but they will be attached to normal flatscreen monitors while in the office space. So I was wondering if there would be any money to save from buying 15" over 17", seeing as they will be hooked up to regular monitors anyway.
  3. Going with the 15 also gives more mobility (smaller, lighter) when the need arises. Another thing to think about.
  4. All things being equal, 15" will be cheaper than 17". I use 17" laptops in my office to run AutoCAD. Upping the screen size should cost ya about $75. Here's some new Sandy Bridge jobs
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