Hello, Installed EVGA GTS 450 gfx card w/o drivers pc powered up in low res, installed EVGA driver from supplied disc now pc wont power while card has power connector.. tried PCI-E 6 pin from PSU and 6pin adaptor for molex. PSU is Jeantech 500w model JN120F-500AP DC Output 12V1 18A 12V2 18A Any help much appreciated
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  1. Addition: Unplugged all USB connections to mobo to save power still no luck.
  2. cant uninstall or install any drivers as card is not detected by system atleast i dont know how to to that.. thanks anyway ct1615

    mobo is MSI G31TM-P21 (MS-7529) w/ 4.7 BIOS

    Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Installed card, connected monitor,mobo, psu PC powered up booted to win 7 in low res as card was recognised asstandard vga card before installing drivers..

    "You need to restart windows for changes to tanke affect" hit ok PC powers down, wont reboot... Card is still in mobo but no connected to PSU atm, windows doesnt see the card currently either.

    Had a gts 8400 but its fried alot with mobo which was replaced recently...

    Just to note we bought two of these cards one for me one for my girl, mine is running fine while her machine is really starting to pee me off lol!!

    From what I gather the GTS 450 needs min. 400W with 22A on 12v

    I haz move than that if I use the molex adaptor to 6-pin?

    Thanks again
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