Need Opinion: a good RAM solution?

I have been running with a set of G.Skill 2x2GB 1333mhz ripjaws since last January when I built my PC and recieved many blue screens within the first few months. Running my RAM sticks with memtest 86, errors were found, but I left it because the BSOD's went away.
The BSOD's have returned recently and I was looking for an upgrade anyway, however I would like someone who is more experienced than I just to check out compatability and such.

I have the (M4N98TD EVO) with an AMD Phenom II 965 BE

I want 16GB and I don't want the heatspreaders bright red or anything because my colour theme is green.

I'm thinking 2 sets of is this ok?
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  1. They are a little expensive for their specifications but they should work.
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