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So i use to have an 8800 gt. And i used an HDMI to DVI to connect my monitor and the graphics card. I was wondering if an Radeon 6850 HD card with a HDMI to HDMI connection will have a higher quality in picture than my previous video card.
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  2. DVI and HDMI output the same signal, thus resulting in the same image quality. The difference between the 2 connection types is that HDMI has "built in security" of sorts and allows audio to pass over the same cable. Simply switching from the DVI->HDMI cable used for your 8800GT to an HDMI->HDMI cable with an HD6850 won't inherently improve image quality. If you see any improvement in image quality it will be strictly due to the graphics processor and related graphics/image settings used in the catalyst control center software.
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