SLI 98000GTX + and GTX 480

I installed the GeForce 9800 GTX over a year ago and it's been good. I wanted to step up my graphics, so I installed the ASUS GTX 480 (SLI). No major improvements. Shouldn't I see a significant difference for 500.00?
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  1. And more importantly, WHY DID YOU STEAL MY AVATAR!!!

    On a serious note, I can't make any of the sense your post.

    What does a 9800 GTX+ have to do with anything?

    What constitutes as major?

    List your other system specs.

    Stop stealing avatars...

    Oh and the GTX 480 wasn't released a over a year ago, it hasn't even been a year.
  2. From whatever I can make out, I think the OP was trying to say that he installed the 9800GTX+ a year ago and switched to a GTX480.

    But yeah, clarifications would help!
  3. His avatar doesn't move so it's not as good but i'd still be pissed if i were you!
  4. ct1615 said:
    actually he's been a member longer by almost a year and has almost 30 years on you.

    Ah, but I'm active in the community, so I get seniority.
  5. If I were to swap out my static cat shooting machine gun avatar for an animated version, would I see an increase in forum point scoring? How about if I were to SLI the static cat, for I guess a stereoscopic effect, would that beat out an animated version? Would I need special 3D glasses to view the stereoscopic avatar? Can my PSU handle it?
  6. AMW1011 said:
    Ah, but I'm active in the community, so I get seniority.

    negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. haha has to use the opertunity to bust that out.
  7. 17seconds said:
    Can my PSU handle it?

    No 1000w minimum.
  8. it will work...... for about 30 seconds is my guess............

    getting back to the 480's in sli...what CPU do you have and what resolution are you playing at. You may see no improvement without a top end CPU and running 1080p or higher with AA enabled.
  9. OK, Veteran. I'm back. I had forgotten where the Avatar came from and used it elsewhere. I'll change it soon. The 9800GTX+ is about a year old. I wanted to combine it with my new ASUS GTX 480 in SLI. Did that. Boot time quadrupled, no noticeable difference in graphics. I took the 9800GTX out, running the 480 solo. The Cooler Master V8 is sitting on top of an Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66 (not Overclocked). 700W PSU. Oh, screen res 1920x1200
  10. This thing will not let me view messages! What is going on?!
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