How do servers connect to the internet

Obviously as in; what kind of connections do they use to achieve such high upstream bandwidths (and downstream too in the case of youtube, facebook and the like). I'm asking this because home broadband connections are so crappy (at least in the UK anyway), as in a connection with 8Mb/s downstream and less than 1Mb/s upstream is called "good/average".

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  1. If you're talking about commercial servers, they have their own dedicated lines to the Internet, not some shared cable connection like what you apparently have. There's companies that would be glad to sell/install for you a dedicated line, at a commensurate price of course.

    If you're talking about a home server, then you might ask your ISP about a higher service tier. For example, my Comcast cable connection is 6/1 or thereabouts, with 'speedboost' to 8mbps download speeds, but Comcast will gladly sell me up to 50mpbs download speeds and I dunno upload speeds at a much higher monthly price. They also have commercial-level services with higher monthly data caps than the 250GB on home service.
  2. Ah right that answered my question. cheers
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