Newish Asus gaming laptop not running games as well as it should.

I got an Asus republic of gamers laptop during the summer last year and it doesn't seem to run as fast as it should. World of Warcraft runs alright, but crysis, mount and blade, half life 2, and some other games that don't seem very graphics intensive have severe lag. It has an Nvidia geforce 360m, 4 gigs of ram, and a quad core processor. Anyone know what it could possibly be? I ran malware bytes but that turned up nothing as well.
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  1. It may be starting ot overheat, how have you been running it? I would start by getting a laptop cooler pad if you don't already have one. As is often the case with laptops with high graphics performance the issue that often arises is that you are putting a very vast card in a very small space with limited breathing room and air flow. I would download motherboard monitor or a similar program based on which operating system you are using.
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