Need PCI-E x 16 card

So my GeForce 8800 gts (640mb) just burnt out, and I need a replacement, but my motherboard doesn't have PICE 2.0

I searched newegg and only found these off-brand cards.

Are any of these comparable in performance to the 8800 gts?

The most demanding game i have now is Black Ops, and it must be able to run that.

Should I buy used off ebay or something?

Thanks for any advice
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  1. so, you are saying that the PCI-E 2 cards are backwards compatible?

    If so, that broadens my options. However, I want to get the same amount of performance for as little money as possible, because my other components will limit my game-playing ability anyways.
  2. The E6600 isn't a bad chip. More so if you OC. Bump it up to 3.2GHz and you basically have the E8400.
  3. If you want some real bang for your buck look into this :

    I used to run just one of those cards and it performed great on COD:MW2 and BF:BC2 pushing high settings. Considering the price of it now, you could easily buy two for the price of the 5770 and SLI them if your board allows it to get much greater performance. Black Ops wouldn't be a problem.
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