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My HP pavilion a1224n is having trouble starting. When the power button is pressed, the light in the front of the tower turns on and the fans are on, but nothing else happens. After about 30 seconds then the light turns back off. This has happened before to the computer two or three times and usually occurs when it is unplugged from the wall. If it is able to turn on once though, it is usually okay until unplugged. I have tried multiple things to turn it back on including: holding the power button and immediately turning off, unplugging the power cord for ten minutes, cleaning the inside of the tower, unplugging the card reader. None of these things have worked. Any suggestions?
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  1. Try a new power supply or motherboard, in that order. Hp boards last 3-5 years on average. I gave mine away when it wouldn't load windows anymore (may have had a bad capacitator).
  2. First step when troubleshooting boot issues in an HP. Open it up. Do you see the little cans on the motherboard that look like tiny pop cans or maybe batteries? Are any of them bulging even slightly? Some will bulge so much yucky stuff starts to leak out of the K's on top of them. Also look for ones that aren't bulging but the can is lifting off the motherboard and the yucky stuff is leaking out the bottom.

    If the caps are leaking there is no hope. Use what you can to build a new box.
  3. Everything appears to be okay on the inside. Also tried a new power supply and that didn't help. I tried unplugging one of the fans on the inside and then letting it run and it took a few tries but it finally fully turned on. Then it shut off after a few seconds. I don't know if this fan is just necessary to keeping it on, but then I unplugged the computer and plugged the fan back in, and now it won't boot up again. I tried unplugging the muffin fan again, but it doesn't do anything.
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