E5200 CPU Clock Ratio default value?

I have a E5200 CPU (2.50GHZ) that is running at 1.9GHZ.

In the BIOS, the CPU Clock Ratio is set to 9.
The maximum that it can go to is 12, to achieve the 2.50GHZ.

What is the default that the clock ratio should be set at?
I imagined it would be at the number to achieve the 2.50GHZ.

I'm not looking into any overclocking or anything, I just want to get the most out of my CPU at its safe level, without any risks. Can I increase the clock ratio to 12 and leave all the other values alone without any problems?

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  1. The default speed of the E5200 is 2.5GHz.
  2. Yes 12 is default!
  3. Set cpu multiplier to auto, 9 is the multiplier used when EIST/TMT kicks in to slow processor down to save power.

    It will automatically go to 12 when cpu is needed at full blast.
  4. Alright, thanks for your help.
  5. Multiplier is 12.5.
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