Multiple problems with my current rig

ok so i have a huge headache trying to figure this one out. i was on my custom computer when all of a sudden my screen blacks out and comes back. so i did a sfc /scannow because ive had a couple problems with system files before. and i do a restart in order to repair these files that were found damaged.
but then i get the BSOD with an error of 0x000...7B and i think my hdd is not being detected.
so i read that it might be something that was changed in the bios so i do a cmos reset. and i remove my dgpu because my computer wont boot with the default bios settings with the dgpu in. now i cant even get to the bios because my asus mobo is stuck at the boot device led! currently, i have my dvd drive, ssd, and hdd connected.
i have included my build below and what not. i hope i can have a conversation with someone here that can help me remedy these two problems 1 by 1. first, i would like to get into the bios. i will update this thread accordingly. thanks

i5 2500k
asus z68 pro
wd black 1TB in raid with ocz ssd (SRT)
850w psu
8gb gskill ripsaws
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  1. i called asus customer support and they are setting up a rma for me. the bios (or motherboard; not sure what the correct term is) will not post (not sure if that is the correct term).
    is there any possible chance that it is not the mobo and the hdd?
    how can i check to make sure my hdd is not dead?
  2. 1) Disconnect your drives and see if you can get into BIOS. If you succeed then make sure the ACHI or ACPI is active. Reconnect the drives one at a time and make sure the system still boots. (Assuming it will in the first place.)

    2) Assuming you can get the PC to boot at a hardware level make sure that the firmware on the SSD is up to date. Very important.
  3. How long was the computer working before it quit working?

    Gut feeling is that you experienced a thermal event and extreme heat hit either the processor or the video card causing it to shut down and potentially damaging it.

    The motherboard is what posts. Posting is when the motherboard sends a wake up request to things that are connected to it in preparation to begin operations. The processor and RAM are part of this process.

    If the processor and RAM are working, then the computer will attempt to start turning on other things as well, starting with boot devices and video cards.

    There isn't much you can do at this moment to analyze your hard drive. You are probably better off waiting for Asus to give you the new motherboard before you make more progress on fixing these things.

    If indeed the problem is that your motherboard was destroyed due to some unfortunate event and Asus is right to give you a new one, the destroyed one could damage the things connected to it if you continue to use it.

    Your components will be maximally protected from damage if you just sit around and wait.

    While you are doing that, though, I can still attempt to talk you through some stuff.

    First of all, I see that you have 2 hard drives. You mentioned that they are configured "in raid" with each other. There are many different types of RAID configurations, do you by chance know exactly which one you are using, either by number or can you just explain it?

    Also, How long was the computer working successfully before all of this stuff happened?

    Lastly, what is the importance of the hard drive? You specifically asked about your Hard Drive instead of, say, your video card being the thing that is damaged. My assumption is that there is valuable data present on the hard drives and you are worried about losing it. Would you say that my assumption is fair?

    Lastly, there is most certainly a chance that it is not the motherboard and that it is not the hard drive(s). My gut feeling initially was that it was not either one of those things.
  4. i built this thing in the summer and yesterday my world came crashing down.
    i think, off the top of my head, i have my ssd and hdd in a raid0 setup for smart response.
    after i got a blue screen, i actually cleared the cmos and removed my video card before my attempt to boot again.
    i also did several configurations during my multiple attempts of boot up. i tried to boot with the minimum amount of sata components, processor + 1 stick of ram + :
    1) dvd drive only 2) hdd only 3) ssd only 4) ssd and hdd only
    and so forth.
    it will not post. it gets stuck on the boot device led

    what does your intuition think it is? my gut feeling is its either the mobo or hdd.

    im currently setting up a rma. in addition, im going to boot my hdd in my friends computer.
    thanks for the replies
  5. Can you get into the BIOS without the HD, SSD or DVD attached. Have you tried using a bootable CD/DVD?
  6. What was happening immediately prior to the computer going haywire?

    Were you playing a game on it? Watching a video? Surfing the internet? Any particular programs that you remember you were using?

    Smart Response Technology does indeed use a special kind of Raid 0.

    I don't think your hard drives will work in your friend's computer. An installation of windows installs things particular to a certain motherboard. If you try to boot it up on a different motherboard it could experience a number of problems including BSODs and continual restarts.

    Raid0 has the problem of compounding failure rates. A failure of one results in a failure of both.

    I still would like to know the importance of the data on these drives. If it is helpful to reinstall windows is that an option you feel that is on the table?

    Also, what is your "fixing this" budget?
  7. just got back from bestbuy. i just had geek squad a free of charge try to read from the hdd. the guy was able to read from the disk.
    and no i am not able to get into the bios and i have tried all combinations of hdd, ssd, and dvd drive boots.

    i was just surfing the net, namely gametrailers and ign. i just dont want to lose all the tv shows and game saves that i have put in so much time because im on dsl. it takes me days to download a game and hours to download a video.

    and, unfortunately, i am tight on money this month. i dont think i can spend anything on replacement parts which makes me very sad.

    i put in an advance replacement rma with asus and they will get back to me on monday.

    here is my thought on this so far. since my mobo kept stating that it was unable to detect my hard disk and the geek squad guy was able to read from it, i think the problem lies with the mobo. i feel like i have ruled out the hdd, ssd, and dvd drive. i am cautious about the processor and ram, but the led lights pass on those components. it is the boot device led that is stone walling me.
    your thoughts?

  8. You said that you have tried all combinations of drives for booting. I would just like to confirm that you did try a bootable CD in the CD drive with no hard drives attached. Please verify that you did try this because it matters as far as what we can do to help you test things.

    I will try to avoid suggesting things that might potentially cause data loss, but that combined with your non-existent budget will make our jobs more difficult than they might otherwise be.

    Also, you mentioned that you did a CMOS reset. Please tell me the methodology you used to perform this step. If it was not physically taking the battery out for 30 minutes, could you please try that? If you need more information for how to do this, I can give you a step by step walkthrough.
  9. yes i did do the single dvd cd boot.
    there is a 3 pin component on the board and a connector that is attached to the 1st and 2nd pin. in order to reset the cmos i have to short the 2nd and 3rd. i have also removed the battery and reset the cmos during my phone conversation with asus customer service in the morning.
  10. How long was the battery physically out when you were talking to Asus?
  11. for 1 reset. i was told to take the battery out, clear the cmos, and put the short and battery back.
    im a bit unsure, but leaning towards getting the replacement board right now. i am still under warranty. :/
  12. Just wait and get the new board for now and report back with the status when you test the new board.
  13. shoot i forgot to ask this question. will i need to reinstall windows if i get a new board? ive heard of external casings for internal hdds. i was thinking maybe i can put the data i want off the disk.

    and now that i think about it, it was weird how during the boot up with the black screen and text on it for the first couple of seconds, it said that my hard disk was not detected. but it was able to attempt to boot windows and then blue screens. but regardless, right now i can get the mobo to post.

    i will update this post when i get my new board. thanks for your help everyone.
  14. If it is a new motherboard of exactly the same type, there is a chance that you won't need to reinstall windows as long as the BIOS numbers and everything are the same.
  15. ok got my mobo today and rebuilt it. currently i am running with my processor, 1 stick 4gb ram, and the hard disk.
    i already tested it without the hard disk and i can get into the bios so that means i got rid of my mobo woes.
    however, i think my system files or something on my disk is corrupt or something
    i do a boot with the hard disk plugged in and i have to go to the windows repair otherwise it will reset. i do a startup repair attempt and it fails with
    unknown bugcheck: bugcheck 19. parameters = 0x3, 0xfffffa8003957400, 0x0, 0x0
    repair action: system files integrity check and repair
    result: failed. error code = 0xa
    time taken 2747ms
  16. is there is a command where i can revert the sfc /scannow repair?

    edit: i caved and im going to reinstall windows and pull files i need onto another drive
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