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Where to find replacement cables for modular power sources in the uk

I have a be quiet modular psu that has no cables. I've contacted the company, but still waiting for a response. I've check a couple of on-line sites but they don't stock this company's cables. Do any of you know where I could find replacement cables for this unit?
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    You really do need to get the cables specific for your power supply. No two companies (and sometimes even within particular models of the same company) wire their modular cables the same. Otherwise, you may damage the power supply and the other components of your system.
  2. You can actually purchase the cables, pins, connectors and make your own. You can copy the connection of your existing modular cables. You also need cable spicers and connector crimpers.

    If you don't know electronics don't even attempt it.
  3. Thanks all, but I don't have the originals to copy from. I was hoping there was a site that I could get another set. I've set four separate emails, to four separate company email sites, and yet to receive a replay.
  4. What make and model of PSU are you using?
  5. s'ok...i got a reply from the company and they are sending me a set. but the PSU is a dark power 650w.
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  7. COLGeek said:
    What make and model of PSU are you using?

    I have a 'be quiet' dark power pro 650w. The company said they would send a set 'free' but the postage is $50. Maybe I'm naive but that seems a bit stiff...almost 1/3 the cost of the unit retail. I was hoping to find a cable set here in the USA, for about half of that. I ask the company if they'd send it via Deutsche Post, but it takes a while for them to reply.
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