Extreme4 Gen3 B2 code

when i power on my newly built computer the dr debug screen shows the code b2. can someone tell me what to do
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  1. It means "legacy option ROM initialization".
    What is your computer set-up? CPU, MB, RAM, peripheral cards etc?
  2. got the same problem
    i7 2700k
    asrock extreme4 gen3
    16 gb corsair vengeance 1600MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1.5V
    psu Corsair HX1000
    gpu HD5970

    i think my problem is with gpu, but dont know why. with previous GPU everything runs fine (HD4870)
  3. Moggusster,

    did you manage to resolve this problem? I'm currently facing this same issue with my own GFX upgrade.
  4. having the same problem here. has anyone found a fix?
  5. I sent a request for help to AsRock support team, but you have to wait long for an answer. This is their first response:

    "Dear customer,

    I assume it did work correct with the original BIOS version, but it is impossible to flash back to the original version.
    Can you give me more info?

    Kind regards/ mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    ASRock Support

    ASRock Europe B.V.
    Bijsterhuizen 31-51
    6604 LV Wijchen
    The Netherlands

    my question was - what exactly you need to know ?
    and now again waiting for response
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