Amd athlon 64 3500 processor can support g force 8800 graphics card?

help me please
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  1. If the motherboard has a slot for it and the PSU is big enough it will work but not to its full potential (still faster than a lower rated card) because of CPU bottleneck.
  2. the 88gt i had was very finicky about what sockets it supports. it just wont run on a 1.0a pci-e slot on non nforce motherboards.
    i had a asus board that had a via chipset at the time, but had to buy a gigabyte board with an nforce 450 chipset and socket 1.1 to get the 88gt to work.

    so you better check with the manufacturer via email, to see if the card will work. they should be willing to help. if they have any kind of decent customer service.
  3. just to add to rollis post. yes it will work in principle but will suffer a heavy bottleneck. my old 4600x2 couldnt handle the 88gt fully it had about a 5 percent bottleneck. not till i moved up to a 6000x2 did it work properly and became a well balanced system.
    if its a 3500+ single core then really that upgrade will be a waste of money as it will be just to much gfx card for the cpu and may actually bottleneck so much you wont see any improvements other than eye candy. you may still suffer slideshow fps.
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