2 modems 2 almost identical computers

imnot sure if im asking in the right place but i hope so here is my problem in the housre i live in we have 2 seprate shaw modems 1 has a computer identical to mine attached to it on the other is mine and 2 other computers all wired the problem im having is that my computer seems to somehow link with the one that identical to mine thats attached to the seperate modem and they are slowing each other down and in some cases disconnecting each other from the web how is this possible and how if so can it be stopped

thx in advace for any help
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  1. Why two modems -- unless you have two lines ? I don't think you can even have two on one line. If it is only one line, use one modem and a router (wireless if necessary).
  2. no it was 2 lines and now its none roomie cut them all and yook his twin to my amd quad core out into the yard poured gas on it and torched it before you sat anything yes im moving lol but i still beed an answer if there is one or its gonna bug me for a long time
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