Red lights on Asus MOBO.. wont boot, no screen

Hey all.. So I finally got my motherboard for my new rig which i was hoping to be my last piece needed..
The rig im trying to put together is as follows:

Motherboard - Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

PSU - Thermaltake Black Widow 850 watt

CPU - Intel i5 2500k

GPU - MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III 2GB power edition.. (Plan on crossfiring, but dont have second card yet)

All i know about the RAM, is that im using it from my old computer (old as in a 6 month old standard $650 HP desktop) not sure exactly what kind it is (came with it) And same for the HDD, all i know is its a 1T..
I gave up working on it and put everything away a few hours ago, so i dont remember "exactly" what the problem was.. But i hooked everything up together outside of the case, what happened was the LEDs on the motherboard all lit up a bright red, no flashing.
id press the power button.. the CPU LED would flash red once or twice, then go away.. then the CPU fan one went red, but i fixed that one, just plugged it in the wrong place.. The VGA/DVI (cant remember for sure which one it said) LED next to where the graphics card goes turned red, (I think it stays red) .. the "DRAM" or something like that LED flashed red but went away.. one of the leds or both cant remember for the EPU/TPU switches turn red but then green.. and I think the biggest problem is that (i think it was called) the "Boot Device" LED stays red.. in other words i get no signal to the monitor. Also it appears that the computer restarts once or twice when it turn it on.. (press power, fans turn on, red lights go how i just explained.. then fans and lights turn off.. couple seconds later they turn back on and stay on.. but like how i explained)..
i figured out also that when i plug my graphics card in, i get no screen what so ever, i have to use the onboard video and not plug in the gpu at all.. but then i tried using just the DVI to the graphics card, and finally got a picture, but i think the LED next to it might still have been red..
After i finally got the screen up with that all i got was the BIOS.
The BIOS seemed to find my CPU, and CPU fan, it read my memory (RAM) which is 6GB, and apparently read the HDD..
didnt see anything about the GPU on there though, (dont know if youre supposed to)
anyhow i still cant get the computer to actually boot up, im just stuck at BOIS, with the "Boot Device" LED stuck red.. please help.
I know i wasnt very descriptive at all, so very sorry about that, i just got sick of messing with it a few hours ago and put it all away, put my hdd and ram back in my other desktop to just relax, and then i decided to look up a solution again, but couldnt find anything really, so decided to ask on here.. sorry for all the writing and not being descriptive.
If anyone does help, please describe all cap terms that stand for things (kinda like MOBO) as im not very computer smart.. Thanks in advance..
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  1. Are you trying to get the old hard drive with the existing OS to boot in the new computer? If so, you should backup files you want to save and then re-install the OS. Also, the RAM might be a problem. She what voltage the new MB requires and what your memory is currently showing.
  2. I'm not sure about that, I probably was.. I'm just waiting a couple more days though, and getting a whole new RAM and hard drive so I hopefully don't have to mess around with these little problems anymore. I'll be back if something goes wrong again though. Thanks for your time and all the help.
  3. I had the same problem. Just reset the BIOS with the CMOS jumper cap.
  4. OR hold the MemOK! button
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