Radeon HD 5570 can't work at 1360x768 on LCD TV

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me with this. Recently, I bought an ATI Radeon HD 5570 (1GB) in a brand new CPU and plugged it to my 42" LCD Sony BRAVIA TV. Well, I use to work with this very same TV plugged to another computer via VGA wire. The old computer has an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS (512 Mb), and works at a perfect resolution of 1360x768 @60hz. Well, as I said, I plugged the computer with the ATI Radeon and, to my surprize, upon putting the 1360x768 @60hz resolution, it turned out all blurry. I tried playing with the adjustments on the ATI CCC, but only managed to make some parts of the displayed area to look fine, while some (at ranges of around 10cm of each) look fuzzy horizontally. Well, the thing is I reboot the machine and, what do you know?, the screen is all shrinked horribly and the LCD reports it is receiving a signal at 1024x768 @50hz when the ATI CCC says it remains at the resolution I commanded. I tried everything I could think of, and updated to the latest catalyst drivers to no avail. I tested the CPU in question with a little 19" LCD computer monitor and it worked fine when adjusted to the resolution of the monitor (it presented OTHER problems, like crashing when running the options sub-menú from Battle For Middle-Earth I along with choppy panning performance, but I guess such is not of much importance at the moment).

So, I was wondering if this is a particular issue of the Sony BRAVIA LCD TVs (being perhaps too old for the ATI to properly detect them), or is it a problem in general of ATI video cards not being able to work properly with LCD TVs plugged through VGA cable. If anybody had insights on this, I would be very thankfull to hear them...
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  1. I have an older sony LCD TV, and havent had any problem connecting to it with my ATi cards (4570, 2900, 4870). However I use the HDMI interface not VGA. Have you tried getting the latest drivers for your video card?
  2. Yes, I did: it was no use at all. I got the latest version of the drivers and the latest ATI Catalyst, but it was to no avail. I can't use the HDMI signal because I lack the needed connection cables (getting such hardware where I live is a bit difficult since most people do not use TV LCDs as computer screens like I am doing).
  3. I have readed at other forums that ATI cards have some trouble, from time to time, working with the EDID of certain LCD TV's that do not match the computer screen standards (such as having strange resolutions like 1366x768). It sounded pretty much like the problem I had (as the resolution would not fitt right and it would resett to an strange shrinked one each time I rebooted the machine).
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