No heatsink and fan with i5 processor

Hello, ordered an i5 2500k from supplied with no heatsink or fan for all in price of £170ish. Does anyone know if this product number should come with the heat sink and fan(BX80623152500K)? Or is this a case of mis-selling?
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  1. No miss-selling. You ordered the CPU only, and not the "Boxed" package. The "Boxed" package includes the heatsink and fan.

    Now that you don't have the cooling, buy yourself a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler and enjoy the best cooling you can for the best price you can get.

    Hyper 212+ user, and VERY happy :D
  2. Check your invoice, did you buy an OEM chip or Retail Chip, OEM is in little black box, nothing added, retail in Bigger Blue box, with fan and heatsink!

    If you meant to buy Retail, contact SCAN they are brilliant at customer service! They will readily swap it over for you!

    Or upgrade now and get a better cooler than the stock one, ( My personal choice, look at it as fate!)
  3. above posts are correct.
    Many of the people here use the Stock HSF as a door stop, they do not install and order a aftermarket HSF. The OEM versions are normally a little cheaper so that money saved is applied to the cost Of an Aftermarket HSF.

    There is a diff in the warrenty between the OEM and retail "Boxed" version. The retail version (Retail = 3 yr limited). The "OEM" version is normally warrented by computer manuf (ie dell/HP/whoever), in this case Builder = you and not sure what Intel does if your cpu fails after 2 years. For this reason I normally buy the Boxed version and consider the $10 worth the piece of mind.
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