I7 2600 (not 2600k) questions

Hi there.

I'm not normally active here on the forums but have been a member for a couple of years, and have a few questions to ask about my brand spanking new i7 2600, which I got about a week ago.

I'm also new to the Intel bandwagon so I'm curious about a few things, Iv'e been All-AMD for about 6 years but AMD's been so slow with their BD release I couldn't wait (nor can I be promised it'll be comparable to SB).

1. I know it's not a K-Series, but what should I look out for when overclocking, Is it possible or is it severely limited now that everything is synchronized?

2. My CPU says it's stock speed is 3.4GHz, but when it's in use (even if only light use, such as a flash animation using 20% of a core) but it's always clocking up to a minimum of 3.511GHz and I don't think I have any overclocking features on my motherboard enabled.

3. Is a temperature of 59C good for a CPU prime-95 tested over a 12 hour period with a H50 in a room temp of 24.4C?

4. I have a P8P67 Deluxe B3 revision, Is this a decent motherboard?

Thanks for your time.
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    Yup nice CPU..

    1) You will not be able to over-clock it, 2600 does not have unlocked multiplier, the only way to over-clock second gen i series. 2600k has unlocked multiplier.

    2) Not to be confused with Overclocking...This is Intels Turbo Mode, it adjusts speed according to threads used and load..

    3) Not a bad temp after 12 hrs prime not a bad temp at all!

    4) Yes this is a good Board!

    Have fun with your new PC! It will kick the stink out of my x6 1055t at 3.8Ghz without overclocking it!
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  3. Anonymous said:
    Yup nice CPU..
    Have fun with your new PC! It will kick the stink out of my x6 1055t at 3.8Ghz without overclocking it!

    Thanks, I'll make sure to have a Lot of fun with it, and thanks for answering all of my questions hehe!
    Too bad about the Overclocking part of it, If SB ends up being faster than BD or as-fast, I'll sell my 2600 to one of my friends and grab a 2600k or higher-end model if released for the same socket :)
  4. You can OC your 2600 very minimally by adjusting the BCLK...
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