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Hello all and as always thanks for all the info a noob like me would be lost otherwise.
I've delved into the world of 3d to my peril. My question is im building a new asus z68-v-pro with a 2500k. I bought a sentry optimus case, and while mounting the motherboard I noticed that the bottom right standout hole was larger then all the rest.I looked through the hardware to see if it screwed into some piece on the wiring side of the case,but i did'nt find anything. the holes almost large enough for the hex part to fit through(but not quite) I dont see anything else in the hardware to use. I just dont how to proceed do i not use that standout? does that mounting hole need to grounded? I tryed to look online for the answere but i did'nt find anything. thanks for any help you can offer.
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  1. Are you sure that the hole your refering to lines up with a screw hole on the motherboard. Usually the case MB plate has numerous holes to accomodate a wide variety of motherboards and you don't neccissarily use all the holes , just the ones that line up with your particular MB. It could also be a defect and not ment to be that large.
  2. yes i double checked that there a smaller hole by it but the smaller hole doesnt line up its defenitly that hole thanks for the response its driving me nuts
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