Pc video cards for HP DC7100 SFF

Hi folks,
The HP DC7100 sff has 2 mini PCI slots so a standard Video card will not physically fit. Can anyone recommend a small footprint PCI video card that is not expensive. It only needs to show streaming video and the native circuits on the motherboard are not up to it.
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  1. I remember I had a Geforce 5200 that was PCI and did the job. It enabled me to watch DVD's and stream video. Not sure what size it was though, a quick Google search of "low profile PCI graphics card" should turn up a result though!
  2. A quick Google search did bring up a low profile version of the one I was talking about. It's made by Evga and it is:
    eVGA e-GeForce FX 5200 PCI Graphics adapter - 128 MB - DDR SDRAM
    Slap that into Google and you'll find it in no time!
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