Toshiba satellite T100-10N performance problem

I have brand new toshiba satellite T100-10N laptop.
-Intel® Pentium® SU2700(1.3GHz,2MB L2, 800 MHz FSB),Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit,
-320 GB 5400 rpm HDD.
-graphic card: Intel® Mobile Intel® GMA 4500M dedicated VRAM 1.759 MB,
-4,096 MB, DDR3 RAM (800 MHz)
-AVG antivirus plus firewall
My problem is related with graphic performance. I cannot use my webcam (logitech pro 9000), because it is almost freezing in gmail video call.
and I cannot watch some mkv files via windows media player or KMplayer with a good performance.
all the drivers are updated,
win updated..
I thought that it is related with shared memory, how can I change the size of shared memory of graphics card?
thank you
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  1. Usually you set the shared memory in the BIOS. You have 2 issues. your CPU was designed for low power use, not high performance and you have a on-board graphics card. I can't find info on that laptop, looks to be outside of US, but from the specs it looks to be either an ultraportable or a netbook.

    You won't be able to coax good video performance out of that thing. Should play DVD movies OK, but I doubt anything high-def will work.
  2. thank you
    the correct model number should be T110-10N

    I tried but I couldn't find the shared memory resize place from the BIOS before..
    I bought it from Greece and it is not a netbook but like a netbook.

    this are the specs form toshiba greece web site:
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