My computer is displaying the wrong graphic card


I moved my computer to a new computer desk and since I re attached all the wires (external only), my system is telling me I have a nvidia geforce 6x card installed. I actually have a 9xxx series. Nobody has swapped the card and some games are running noticebly worse than before the move.

What gives? I've run cpuz and it showing as a 6150.
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  1. 6150 is integrated graphics. Are you plugged into your video card or the VGA port on the motherboard? Maybe your card got loose and the Bios kicked the IGP back on. Reseat the card and disable the IGP in the bios and make sure you are plugged into the right output.
  2. Ok, that sounds plausible. Will get someone to do that. I don't go into computers, I would 'do' something.... :pt1cable:

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