BSOD's/Game Crashing/Windows Hanging

I built my machine and was loving it for the first week. I had almost NO issues, and the issues I had i was able to iron out. But now I've been having some severe difficulties. Every time I think i have something fixed another problem comes up and when i fix that, the old problem resurfaces. I have gotten BSOD's, games crashing that were working before, Windows will hang, and sometimes things will just plain slow down.

My Rig:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
AMD Athlon II x3 445
MSI 870-G45 (770 Chipset)
MSI GTX 460 Cylcone
4GB (2x2) G. Skill Ripjaw series 1600
64GB Kingston SSD (My boot drive)
Corsiar Builder Series 500 Watt PSU
150+750GB HDD

The first thing i did when i got it all together was change the RAID mode to ACHI, and made it second on the boot list, the first being the disk drive... Then I proceeded with the window install.

I OC'ed my memory to default settings at the very beginning (After I made sure everything was running smooth) and when it wasn't stable at stock voltage, i upped it to 1.65. Was stable and everything was fine. When my BSOD's/Random freezing started that was the first thing I checked. It passed memtest 2 times over (And i am currently testing with it having gone over the RAM 4 times) with NO errors. None.

CPU has passed Prime95 for several hours about 4 times. Don't think its a CPU problem... And have checked the temps. The hottest was 64 C's and that was what i guess is the Northbridge...

So i went to my video card since i was freezing in 3d environments, so maybe it was some crazy Driver thing, or something was wrong with the video card. So I tested with Furmark (25 Min) and things were going good UNTILL i closed it. About 4 seconds after closing Furmark the computer hung. So i cleaned the drivers by uninstalling them, booting into safe mode and running the driver cleaner software in Admin mode. Then after the drivers were cleaned off the drive, I installed a earlier version from the MSI website. The problem with closing Furmark/Some games vanished. For a whole week it ran great besides games sometimes crashing to desktop with the not responding message.

To fix this i disabled all my startup with MSCONFIG, and that has seemed to do the trick... For now :). Also have changed from MSE (Which fixed a freezing on startup problem-had that on my Dell for some reason...) to AVG (Which would made the computer hang if I tried to change the scan priorities while in a scan) to Avira. Avira seems to be doing fine :).

Then someone used my computer last night and they got a BSOD (Avira was installed after the BSOD). From what they told me they were listening to music through iTunes 64 Bit and surfing the web with Chrome. When Windows came up I got a message saying Windows has recovered from a serious error blah blah blah. This was the information it had:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3d
BCP1: FFFFF80000B9C000
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Sadly I wasn't there to see the BSOD to tell ya what it told me... I have rebuilt several computers and they have all ran great and i have asked many a question here so thought I knew what I was doing.... Guess not :lol: .
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  1. Hmmm... Virus? Scan with malwarebytes anti-malware, spybot search and destroy and superantispyware

    That is probably not the culprit somewhere there is a messed up driver
  2. Brand new computer downloading stuff ONLY from Cnet and everything i download gets scanned with malwarebytes and anything else i have on the computer...
  3. It is possible to contract a virus from a simple google images search, and downloading everything from CNET doesn't mean your computer is completely clean.

    but it is most likely a driver issue as i stated previously
  4. You have any ideas on how to firgure out which driver it is?? :)

    I'll try scanning for a virus with malwarebytes and Avira just in case. And i do know that they can't catch every virus, thats why i scan my downloads :). And thanks for the quick reply!
  5. Just downloaded the Windows 7 compatibly checker to see if it pulls anything up... When its finished ill put the results up.

    Memtest has gone through 6 times and is on its way to the 7th... No problems yet...
  6. Not completely sure how to find the bad driver, windows 7 compatibility checker is a good place to start
  7. The checker gave me all green. The only two things that were bad were that Steam and Photoshop were not updated... I guess I can update those, but im not thinking that those are the problems...

    memtest has hit its 7th round and nothing has come up yet...
  8. I would say it's safe to assume your RAM is fine.

    I have a new guess iTunes is the culprit, apparently this problem has happened quite frequently while running music programs that aren't completely compatible. Try a reinstall of iTunes see if that fixes it. Otherwise you may have to find a new music program :(
  9. This is really hard to diagnose since it isn't a regular thing... :( Could take weeks and by then my Newegg return policy will be gone and ill have to RMA through companies if this ends up being a hardware issue...

    Hoping it's just a driver conflicting... mmmm I do have a wireless and hard wired driver installed... Could this be the culprit... I never use the hard wired but it would be nice to keep it just in case something happened to my wireless and i doubt this is the problem.
  10. It's probably Itunes try reinstall

    I have two wireless drivers and a hard wired driver and it doesn't give me any problems
  11. NOOOOO I don't want to reinstall iTunes :(. I have a hate, love relationship :lol: . I hate the program but it syncs so nicely with my iPod, iPhone, and iPod Classic... Then i have the sucky library files to deal with. But ill try it again... Should i try the 32 Bit version or the 64 Bit version? I have the 64 Bit version on...
  12. 64 bit
  13. Should i do a clean install (Uninstall remove reg keys and restart then install?)?
  14. yes
  15. iTunes is trying to install in my x86 directory, would this have been a problem.
  16. Well i've reinstalled it into the regular Program Files... Maybe this will fix it...
  17. well go to task manager and check if it's really a 64-bit process, it doesn't have an asterik by it
  18. "The first thing i did when i got it all together was change the RAID mode to ACHI, and made it second on the boot list, the first being the disk drive..."

    Am I reading this right ? You made your SSD second boot ? The SSD is the main drive that you're putting the opsys on right ?

    Resetting the CMOS did what ?

    Did you pull the heat sink off the video card and reapply thermal grease. Did you try under clocking the video card. Did you try drivers from NVIDIA's site ?

    The BSOD..... what was the error ?... nvrmind

    Check your sound. Bad drivers or driver conflict will cause this sometimes. Are you using on board audio ? that something extra you plug into the computer or is this an internet thing ? That could be the problem..... sound conflicts....

    use microsoft security essentials. Dump that other crap.
  19. Did you not read what I wrote?? MSE caused the system to freeze upon startup.... No i have not bothered to change my thermal paste since the temps never go above 55ish and it only gets that high after about an hour of Prime95. The CPU is stabe, I have ran Prime95 at many occasions for several hours each. My audio driver has been re installed several times. The SSD is right after the optical drive... :)
  20. Talking about the heat sink on the video card. And I make the 1st boot the main hard drive. optical next.

    does windows update come up with anything ?
  21. My broadcom driver for my wifi, but on my dell it made me revert because it interfered with my wifi and i couldnt get a connection...

    Itunes is labeled as *32 which means its running as a 32 Bit, but im going to leave it unless it starts to have problems.

    The GPU maxes out at 64 on furmark... So no I havent messed with that.... My old 9600GT would get up to 103+, and would do fine when I ran Furmark for more than 30 minutes... I didn't like it that hot, i like the GPU's to run about 60 C
  22. I will make it the first boot, after im sure im done sticking disks in the drive to boot from... :)
  23. Im scanning for virus's and when i get home tomorrow I will install that driver and reset the CMOS...

    This is hard to diagnose since its random... :)
  24. Ive read that the updated BIOS starts to create problems... I can try that too... Maybe that was another mobo, :lol: i looked at so many it starts to blur together. I think there is a BIOS that is more updated, and i can try that if I get another BSOD.

    Ive re installed the audio drive several times. But I have had the audio cracle and pop sometimes.... Is there any way to make sure that the driver is working? :lol:
  25. It will work for even several days before BSOD'ing or hanging... Very random.... But if it does do a BSOD I will update the BIOS and reset the CMOS. And I will be updating the Wireless driver when i get home...

    Virus scan came up negitive... (Malwarebytes/Avira)
  26. If it does it again, and reseting the CMOS/BIOS update doesn't work then ill be posting again :).

    Thanks for all the input!
  27. Had another BSOD while I was away:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 50
    BCP1: FFFFFFFFC9001002
    BCP2: 0000000000000000
    BCP3: FFFFFA80039BC23B
    BCP4: 0000000000000002
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1
  28. I have been reading and it seems that BCCode: 50 means something with the RAM... But I ran memtest for about 6-7 hours and it didnt come up with anything. Real programs such as the Adobe Suite have used up up to about 89%-95% of the RAM before and I have never had a problem when BSODing with these...

    Also my last BSOD was with a BCCode: 3d... Wonder if something is conflicting with something else.

    mmmm I have seen my bubbles screensaver go into some crazy overtime, wonder if the problem is related... But i did run virus scans all night long with the screensaver enabled.

    I have installed all Windows updates and the Driver for my Wi-Fi adapter (Have seen some people with this BBCCode and messing with that driver seemed to do the trick...)

    I will also set the RAM back to 1333 (not my STOCK 1600) with the auto (1.5) voltage and see if that helps...
  29. I had my HD audio drivers from nVidia and from my GPU... (???) Maybe this was the problem? Anyways, I deleted the HD audio drivers/devices from nVidia in the audio devices section in Device manager. I wonder if this is this problem?? Anyone have any sugestions?

    I did set the RAM back to what it did when i first booted, I updated windows, cleaned the registry, cleaned through the HD audio drivers, and will try to do the whole sfc /scannow thing.
  30. You also mentioned that Chrome was being used when there was the BSOD? Isn't Chrome still a beta? Could it have caused that particular one?
  31. chrome isn't beta
  32. So far after I did what i did it has SEEMED to work and game do not crash... Im hoping it stays that way :)
  33. I'll hope with you :D
  34. :lol: Thanks :)
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