Asus P8H67-M Pro/Csm

Can anyone find a detailed manual or picture of this motherboard? I need to know if it was some specific ports for some of my already existing usb and audio ports.
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    USB is the standard 2x5(with one pin missing to prevent backwards installation) pin setup

    Audio is HD Audio compatible

    biggest image i see is this

    from here
  2. Thanks a lot, that is a nice big image.

    Now, can anyone help me compare it to the one I'm switching out. My old one came with my pre-built HP desktop: Asus IPILP-LC or Lancaster 8-GL6.
    I'm wanting to compare the internal ports.
  3. if it is this, you should be good to chance it as long as no part of the case interferes with the heatsink on the new cpu(To be honest, the new stock heatsinks are very small anyway.). You know you have to chance the cpu/memory as well right?

    Make sure you have room as well, the new board is longer then the old one.

    Is it this?
  4. Yeah, you have the right motherboard. I already know what cpu I want for the new Asus motherboard I'm getting.

    I just have a couple audio, usb, and media card readers on the front of my existing case, and I want to make sure they are going to work for the new Asus P8H67-M Pro/Csm motherboard.

    Some of the ports I'm looking for are: F_Line_In, F_Audio, Front_USB1, Front_USB2, F_Panel
  5. USB is good to go for sure, it is standard. To that end i have a card reader(with build in usb port) from and old HP still in use to this day.

    I will look at an older HP to see what it has for the others.

    F_line_in? Is that a media center with the Left and Right RCA connectors under a door?

    F_audio looks to be the same(that should be headphones+Mic)

    Just took a look at an older hp here. Yeah no front line in. give me a sec. will get you a pic.

    F-panel may be different. looking...

    There is a pic of my current motherboard (Lancaster 8-GL6)
  7. Ok the f-panel will need some work

    You can lift the small tab and pull back the wire with the metal and out and re-organize it to fit, but you will need extra black connector ends. If you have some old CD audio cables you can take them from those.

    I will get you a pic of how to do this is a bit

    Line-in will not be usable. nothing to do about it for the most part.

    Just want to be sure, your cables look like this right? Audio|Linein|USB
  8. Yes, that is what they look like.

    Yeah, I have noticed myself there really is no F_panel

    What do you think the F_Line_In is for anyway?
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    Make sure the new board fits since it is longer. you do have the extra room at the front of the case right?

    F_line_in may be 2 things. It is either a Blue plug on the front for plugging in an MP3 Player or similar to record or listen or on some media center PCs sold my HP it may be 2 rca plugs for left and right audio for the same reason, but unlikely in your case because that tends to plug into a TV card.

    Its the blue one. The green and Pink are for the HD audio(or AC97) Don't mind the hp graveyard dust.

    There is a F_panel, it just has a different setup.

    Working on a pic of how you can make it work.


    You will need some kind of connectors(Like those on Audio CD cables or even from old computer cases). You can get these at many local computer shops(May have them in a pile if scrap they never intend to use). Also you may have some if you have every picked up a DVD/CD drive. Someone has to have some for you.

    If having boxes of random cables is wrong, i don't want to be right....

    A pile of connectors that will be able to donate there plugs for you :)

    Each connector can have the wires removed then you can insert your HP wires once removed.

    Remove wires by using a small screw driver or exacto knife to gently lift each tab and remove the wire. Do not lift too far or you may damage the plastic housing.

    This is the tab you have to lift

    Yay, done

    So go ahead and get some tape and label each set(+ and -, take note of the - color as it needs to be in the right place for the leds to light, on the switches it does not matter, just keep the wires together so they do not get mixed up) of HP wires. Power LED(called message/sleep on my image)|Reset|Power|HDD LED(Called IDE LED sometimes). Make sure you do not get them mixed up, if you do, the wires can be followed to the front of the case.

    Now you can insert the HP cables into the empty plastics and connect them to the board(or its Q-connector, you will see that when you get the board, very helpful thing)

    If you are creative, you can reuse the HP connector for HDD the power LED, then the 2 ends of a CD audio cable will take care of the power and reset switches.

    Once again, here is the pattern you will need to follow
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