Lag and higher temps with Directx 11 vs Directx 10

Quick question for those who understand about about Directx 10 vs Directx 11. The problem I have isn't a very big deal, but it makes me curious. I recently downloaded LOTRO to see how it would run on my system. I noticed that with Directx 10 enabled I can run everything at full with absolutely no lag, however if I switch to Directx 11 then my video card goes from about 53C to 60C and I start to lag. Is Directx 11 harder on the GPU? Thanks for the help! Below I'll list some system specs in case it helps.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
8 gig DDR2 Ram
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66 GHz

ps. I don't think it is a heat issue. I have the parts inside a Cooler Master HAF 922 case with the proper ventilation so airflow is good. From what I understand the 5770 usually gets hotter than that at more demanding games so 60c isn't too bad.
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  1. The 5xxx series didn't do well with tessellation, which is probably why you are losing frames per second when switching to DX11. It is probably pushing the card harder, in turn creating more heat...

    Edit - it seems LOTRO doesn't use tessellation, so I'm not sure...
  2. It could cause all those things. DX11 is supposed to bring 'greater' graphics and better use of newer hardware.
    Coding of games with dx11 will start using multi cores and new gpu features ,such as tesselation.
    So your gpu is working harder, and maybe the game engine is asking more of your cpu ?
    I don't know, don't have that game.
    I will give you a example of another game doing this, F1 2010- dx9 runs at over 80fps with my 460sli , with dx11 patch , its about 60fps.
    But its very pretty :)
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